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Coffee Junkie is a small independent coffee shop which is all about facilitating avid coffee lovers with hot beverages of an impeccable quality and smooth taste. It is a coffee shop built on the principles of loyalty, convenience, and relationship.

Coffee Junkie understands that everyone is on their journey of self-discovery. We want to make their experience simply mesmerizing and unforgettable. It is a shop built by a diverse group of people – a perfect combination of friends, and family. We care about our respected customers, and we consider them as a part of our ever-growing family.

The idea of Coffee Junkie did not originate on a spur of the moment. Being passionate lovers of coffee, we wanted a place that can give a feeling of a family gathering – a place where people can come, stay for hours, and share happiness with their loved ones and everyone around them. The idea originated about Coffee Junkie, and it was just a matter of time before we started working on our dream project.




We comprehend the fact how much essential a rich caffeinated cup of coffee is to start a day. We promise to deliver premium-quality taste in every single serving of coffee. We want to share our best cream and aroma with anyone and everyone.

Coffee Junkie aims to provide the most enthralling taste with its carefully selected coffee beans and precise brewing. We promise to make every day of our valued customers filled with vigor, and sheer activeness.

Coffee Junkie has the expertise in providing one of the best coffee services to its customers. We always aim to raise the bar of excellence with our simply immaculate services.

When it comes to the selection of coffee beans, Coffee Junkie has strict criteria on quality and standards. We collaborate with one of the best roasteries from Germany to ensure that there is absolutely no compromise on taste and quality.


Coffee Junkie is passionately committed to providing its customers with the ultimate coffee experience. We know that when it comes to taste, there is no exception at all. The taste is there in the coffee beans, but what matters the most is how to extract the essence of the coffee beans without giving the coffee a souring taste. It is truly an art to make a perfect cup of coffee, and with years of experience, our expert staff is able to achieve the best taste in every cup of coffee that is served to our customers.

What really differentiate our coffee from others is our sheer dedication to handmade coffee – from a comprehensive process of handpicking beans and roasting coffee, to specifically handcrafting each and every single cup of coffee. We find this utter satisfaction in pleasing our customers with our rich in taste coffee and hot beverages.

To achieve a perfect cup of coffee, flawless brewing is needed. At Coffee Junkie, we understand how much imperative a precise brewing is, and that is why we have gathered a team of experienced coffee brewers. A special attention is given to every little detail such as coffee to water ratio, amount of coffee beans used, water temperature and brewing itself.

Coffee Junkie knows how to make your day, and we guarantee a smooth and rich taste of espresso every single time!

If there is still something that you need to know about Coffee Junkie then our motto is more than capable of explaining everything about us!

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